Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tresses Tuesday: Underneath It All

I often get asked by women who wear extensions majority of the time, "How can I keep my hair healthy?" or "My hair is coming out. What can I do to make it grow?" Although I've yet to wear them I do plan on getting extensions soon. If you've been having the same questions, I have a few suggestions for you, Queens.

  1.   The first thing I usually tell friends who have damaged hair from bad weaves, relaxers, and color combined is to go natural. You'll see the difference in the texture, length, and fullness of your hair. If you're relaxed, stretch your perms out longer than 6 wks. When I was relaxed my hair seemed to grow longer when I stretched my perms out and got my ends clipped regularly. 
  2. If you get sew-ins often, make sure your braids aren't pulling your scalp too tightly. This can simply pull your hair right from your scalp. It's painful and unhealthy for your hair.
  3. If you wear extensions regularly give your hair a break between weave installments so your hair can rest. You want healthy hair so you can wear your own hair when you need to.
  4. Don't let too many stylists play in your hair. My mom taught me this when I was very young. Too many different people with different regimens can't be good for the health of your hair. Find someone good who can show you their work and stick with them.
  5. Treat your own Tresses good. Just because your own hair is covered or braided up doesn't mean that it doesn't need to be cared for and maintained. You want to be able to wear your own hair and not feel you look like an untamed animal. Be good to your hair and your hair will be good to you. 


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