Sunday, May 27, 2012

Soul Search Sunday: Thank You U.S. Military


    Tomorrow is Memorial Day. This U.S. national holiday is reserved for remembering and honoring those military members who have died honorably while serving our country. Today I want to take the time to acknowledge those individuals who put their life on the line to insure our safety and security. Your honor and loyalty will never be forgotten. And for those military members who still serve our country today, thank you. We can't say it enough. Thank you for your bravery. You are greatly appreciated. Our prayers goes out to you and your family. Thank you!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

SERVICE SATURDAY: Mentor a High School Graduate


   This is the time of year that many high school seniors are graduating. They've successfully finished grade school. But the road to success does not stop here. High school graduates will go on to discover their own paths in life. Let's encourage our graduates to continue achieving their goals and make positive contributions to the world around them. Encourage them to go to school and start businesses. Be there to listen and guide them when they don't know what step is next. Mentor and lend a helping hand because growing up is hard to digest all at once. Let's help these young Brown Queens celebrate their achievements and help them to realize that life does stop here. It's just beginning. Congratulations 2012 high school graduates you've crossed a major threshold and you're well on the way to becoming that Brown Queen you always hoped to be.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Fashion Frenzy Friday: Summer Time Fine

The hot months are coming! This time on Fashion Frenzy Friday, I want to know what hot trends will you be rocking this summer!! Cut off shorts?? Cropped tops? Color blocking??


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday: Need advice??

Brown Queens, need any advice?? Respond here with your questions or email me at with a number 1-10 and I'll respond here on The BQC!!! If you email me be sure to put advice in the subject box. I look forward to hearing from you!! 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Relations Wednesday: Upgrade Your Dating Potential

     How tired are you of saying "I'm tired of dealing with the same type of guys."? Here's an idea. Stop dealing with the same type of guys. You may say, "Well how do I do that? I attract the same type of guys." If you want to have something you never had, you must do things you've never done. Me and one of my best friends were talking the other day and we reached a conclusion. We always seem to run into the same type of guys and we're so over this particular type. I'm talking about the disrespectful, overly sexual, man without a plan type. There is hope because all men are not the same. You just need to know how to find the guys you like. I began to research how to upgrade your dating life. By that I mean increasing your chances of dating guys you could possibly begin a relationship with. I'm not just giving you this advice. I plan on taking my own advice too. Here's some things I learned while doing my research.

1. Be approachable.
Being approachable and being too available; two totally different things!
A little smile goes a long way
I've been told that I'm not approachable so I'm working on that. :)
We expect guys to do a lot when it comes to dating. The least we could do is smile when they are looking for a signal to make a move. Body language says a lot about you when you haven't said a word. Folded arms mean, "Don't talk to me." No mean- mugging either. We get so wrapped up in our nerves, we forget to think how nerve-wrecking it could be to approach us. I also learned that traveling with an entire entourage of friends is not the best way to be approachable. Our girls can be hard on a guy. I know I may be a little hard to impress. Trying to impress a bunch of girlfriends must be extremely hard.

2. The Club is not
We dress up and think maybe just maybe we'll find Mr. Right at the club. Wrong. The club is not ideal for finding a potential date. Loud music and alcohol allows for no good conversation and cloudy thoughts. Maybe a chill bar or lounge would be better. Try going to places that might interest you like art galleries or poetry spots. Or go to a place that you like and guys flock to like gyms, Buffalo Wild Wings, or the local NBA game! It's not being desperate if you like those places too right? It's called being in the right place at the right time for Mr. Right.

3. Dress Accordingly
I mentioned dressing up for a guy. Of course you're wearing what you like first and foremost but also think of who you might attract and dress accordingly. That extra tight, skimpy skirt forces guys to focus on it and not you. You'd like a guy to notice you physically and be attracted to you but you would also like him to be able to see you as a beautiful person on the inside too. Treat yourself with respect and guys will respect you. Dress with dignity with a hint of sexy and you'll be treated as such.

4.Flip The Script
I am an advocate for initializing the first conversation with a guy. Although he would have to be really special for me to pursue him, I'm not totally against approaching him. What if the guy of your dreams coincidentally just hasn't seen you yet? Help him out. Yes, A man should be a man. You don't have to take on his role the entire time but maybe just for your initial meeting. They like to be relieved of their roles just as we do sometimes.

I hope you'll take heed to this tips and upgrade your dating potentials. I know I will. Brown Queens should be with Kings of great stature. Good luck with finding one just as worthy of you as you are of him.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

TRESSES TUESDAY: 6 Tips To Maintain Your Natural Mane

     I get asked all the time by newly natural Brown Queens and those considering going natural, "How do I maintain natural hair?" I always give them these 6 tips! I've learned these tips from watching hours upon hours of hair tutorials on youtube, reading hair care articles on the internet and in magazines, and my occasional visits to the salon. Every natural girl should know these 6 tips to maintaining a beautiful head of healthy hair. They are...
It seems like natural hair needs as much moisture as we need glasses of water. I would suggest finding a good moisturizer and an oil to lock that moisturizer in. I currently use Hawaiian Silky as my moisturizer and Smooth Shine polisher or a light grease to lock in the moisture.
 2. Clip Those Ends
I know when your hair finally seems to grow you hate to cut any of it but the fact is your ends need trimming to get rid of dead or damaged ends. I've been getting my ends clipped every three months when my hair is straightened for the last year. It seems to work well and I can still see how much my hair is growing.
3. Put The Flat Irons Down
Straightening your hair too much can really damage your hair and disturb your curl pattern. When you do straighten your hair, use a heat protectant serum.
4. Experiment With Products and Tools
The only way you will find your favorite hair product is by comparing several of them. You'll find that different products are good for different things, defining your curls or detangling your hair for instance. I like to detangle my hair when it has conditioner in it or is still wet. Any other way is a hassle. I use a hard plastic bristle brush to detangle. Combs don't work well enough for me. Discover your hair type and find products and tools that work well for you.
5. Let Your Hair Breathe
I know it's exciting to try all different styles when you are getting to know your hair and what it can do. This is a time where you start styling your own hair more than ever. It's a time to express your creativity. I love trying different styles but sometimes I like to give my hair a break and just wear a puff or my defined curls. After all that's what it's about, letting your hair do what it does naturally on its own. When you learn to stop fighting with your hair making it do all sorts of tricks, the pulling tugging, and slicking back so it looks nice, you will appreciate the beauty of simplicity.
6. Get Ready For War
You will get plenty of compliments for your hair and your courage to go natural but you will also get plenty of criticism. Don't be intimidated by those individuals who say "Natural ain't for everybody." Learn to rock what looks good to you. The same people criticizing you have probably thought about going natural themselves. You will get asked "Why did you go natural?" or  my favorite, "What made you do that?" You could entertain them with a smart response or go into a full on debate about your decision. Or, you could just be simple and honest with them about your decision. Make sure you tell them how beautiful you feel and what a liberating experience it is too.

Happy Hair, Brown Queens!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

MUSIC MONDAY: Timeless Tempts


      Do these guys really need an introduction? I'll entertain you with one anyway. Bred out of the World Famous Music Factory, Motown Records in Detroit, Michigan. They came about in the 60's and they've had several combinations of singers but have always consisted of 5 members. They are one of Motown's finest contributions and one of the star bands from the label. Their catchy lyrics and precise dance moves captivate audiences. Younger generations of Temptations fans are exposed to the group through the biographical TV series of the Tempts that was first televised on NBC in 1998 and more recently broadcast on other channels quite often. We have grown to love The Temptations and the characters that played them in the TV series. We recognize their musical contributions to Motown and American pop-culture. We love Otis, Melvin (Blue),Eddie Kendricks, Paul, and who can forget, Mr. David Ruffin. Otis is the only original member still living. Although the others are deceased we will never forget The Temptations because their music will live on for generations to come. I heard a song just the other day and it in reminded me of the first Temptation song I hears and recognized who they were. It was "Papa was a Rolling Stone". This is the first Tempt song my father shared with me. (no pun intended) He taught me the melody one day while we were out taking a drive. I remember him saying "Sing this. "Papa was a rolling stone..." and me singing it back to him. I will cherish that memory as long as I can. I will tell my unborn children about The Temptations. Their music will live on because that's what timeless music does.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Soul Search Sunday: The Grudge

     Newsflash! Trying to get back at someone by being mad at them for something they did to you is also hurting you. If you are mad at someone who doesn't even know that you've been holding a grudge against them then the only person who really cares is you. Holding on to that old baggage is keeping you from being the best Brown Queen you can be. Forgiving someone is not just letting them off the hook, it's relieving yourself from the all the stress that comes along with holding that grudge. Let it go for your sake and your sanity. Let that person go if things are that bad. Give them the boot with a nice big "forgiveness" on the bottom of it. If you've really let them go then rest easy because you no longer need to put so much effort into being mad.     


Saturday, May 12, 2012

SERVICE SATURDAY: Take A Stand Against Abuse


       I have been hearing so much about abuse lately. It's been a combination of child abuse and domestic abuse against women. A child is almost rendered defenseless in most situations when they are being abused. It's a very touchy situation to question a parent about their choices of discipline. But if you know if someone is going too far, take the best approach to the situation as possible that will be most effective. Domestic abuse against women is a very common issue in our black communities and it should not be tolerated. If I could tell one victim who will actually listen, I would simply say "Leave." If you are a victim of domestic violence or abuse or know someone who is a victim, call The Hotline at 1800-799-SAFE(7233)

The National Domestic Violence Hotline creates access by providing 24-hour support through advocacy, safety planning, resources and hope to everyone affected by domestic violence. (from

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday: Need Advive??

You know what to do. If you need advice about anything, shoot me an e-mail. The e-mail address is Be sure to type "advice" in the subject line and I'll answer back right here on The BQC!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Relations Wednesday: 5 Great Gifts For Your Mom

     Did you wait until the last minute to get your mom a Mother's Day gift? Don't worry, I got your back. Here are 5 great gifts that you can run out and get your mom or have it shipped before the big day. These gifts are sure to make the lady who's always been there for you feel special and appreciated on Mother's Day.

 1. A Michael Kors Watch. Make your mom will feel glamorous with one of these luxurious watches on her wrist.


2. Say "Thank you" for all she's done with a gorgeous bouquet of pink roses.

 3. Give her a day off from her long list of Motherly duties and send her off to a relaxing day at the spa.

4. Can't decide which great gift to get your mom? Give her the gift of choice. Give a generous
 amount on a Visa Gift Card and let her shop 'til she drops. 

5. Can't afford a gift or if even if you can, spend time with your mom to let her know you'll always make time for her.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tresses Tuesday: Beautiful New Eurasian Hair

     OK so Brown Queens you know we love our hair. Sometimes we add personality pieces to give us that full and long fabulous celebrity look. If you're looking for quality hair extensions then Brown Queen, Jasmine Anderson, is your girl! She's selling brand new beautiful Eurasian Hair by Ovation. The types and prices are listed below. The weaves are good investments if you plan on keeping them for a while. Judging from the fabulous pics Jasmine sent me of the hair, I would recommend it to all you weave wearing Brown Queens. Looks like a great investment, Ladies. You know I'm always in support of a Brown Queen putting her entrepreneurial foot forward.

Contact Jasmine Anderson at her email address: or visit her site:

Jasmine Anderson-  I recommend this hair to the true weave wearers who are looking for a natural and celeb hairstyle and are looking for an investment. You can reuse the virgin hair up to a year +. You can color it , perm it, and swim in it; whatever you like. It comes in bodywave, medium wave, tight curl, and straight 12-24 in.

12in- $125

15in- $150

The remi hair lasts up to 6 months and better than any beauty supply brands.

10"- $89/4oz bundle

12"- $99/4oz bundle

14"- $109/4oz bundle

16"- $129/4oz bundle

18"- $161/4oz bundle

Available Colors -- #1 #1B #2 #4 #27 #30 #33 P1B/30 P1B/33 P4/30

Contact Jasmine Anderson at her email address: or visit her site:

*Advertise on The BQC while all services(advertisement +  promotion) are free!!! 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Music Monday: Next on the Royal Stage

      Good evening, Brown Queens! I'm glad you could join me on this beautiful MUSIC MONDAY! I'm so excited to introduce these up-and-coming artists that you should know. I'm certain that their music will gain a place in your hearts and hopefully on your ipods. The following artists are next on the royal stage and on the BQC playlist!! Are you not entertained??

1.) Luke James
His gorgeous falsesetto is sure to carry his music from your ears straight to your hearts. He's a former member of r&b group, Luke and Q. You may remember their single "My turn" that came out some years ago. Queens, if his music doesn't win you over, his looks sure will. 

2.) Elle Varner     
Her sense of style is amazing. Her hip-hop infused first single, "Only wanna give it to you" was a complete smash and her second single "Refill" is climbing up the charts fast. I'm looking forward to more music from this artist. Her natural curls are always so perfect with so much volume. Isn't she such a gorgeous brown queen?

3.) Timothy Bloom
He completely stole my heart with his first single " 'Til the end of time". This single is a beautiful musical illustration of that strong black we all hope for. Timothy has a smooth soulful sound that you can't ignore. He's also very easy on the eye. That's always a plus.

***Playlist includes I Want You x Luke James, Refill x Elle Varner, 'Til The End Of Time x Timothy Bloom***