Sunday, May 13, 2012

Soul Search Sunday: The Grudge

     Newsflash! Trying to get back at someone by being mad at them for something they did to you is also hurting you. If you are mad at someone who doesn't even know that you've been holding a grudge against them then the only person who really cares is you. Holding on to that old baggage is keeping you from being the best Brown Queen you can be. Forgiving someone is not just letting them off the hook, it's relieving yourself from the all the stress that comes along with holding that grudge. Let it go for your sake and your sanity. Let that person go if things are that bad. Give them the boot with a nice big "forgiveness" on the bottom of it. If you've really let them go then rest easy because you no longer need to put so much effort into being mad.     


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