Tuesday, May 22, 2012

TRESSES TUESDAY: 6 Tips To Maintain Your Natural Mane

     I get asked all the time by newly natural Brown Queens and those considering going natural, "How do I maintain natural hair?" I always give them these 6 tips! I've learned these tips from watching hours upon hours of hair tutorials on youtube, reading hair care articles on the internet and in magazines, and my occasional visits to the salon. Every natural girl should know these 6 tips to maintaining a beautiful head of healthy hair. They are...
It seems like natural hair needs as much moisture as we need glasses of water. I would suggest finding a good moisturizer and an oil to lock that moisturizer in. I currently use Hawaiian Silky as my moisturizer and Smooth Shine polisher or a light grease to lock in the moisture.
 2. Clip Those Ends
I know when your hair finally seems to grow you hate to cut any of it but the fact is your ends need trimming to get rid of dead or damaged ends. I've been getting my ends clipped every three months when my hair is straightened for the last year. It seems to work well and I can still see how much my hair is growing.
3. Put The Flat Irons Down
Straightening your hair too much can really damage your hair and disturb your curl pattern. When you do straighten your hair, use a heat protectant serum.
4. Experiment With Products and Tools
The only way you will find your favorite hair product is by comparing several of them. You'll find that different products are good for different things, defining your curls or detangling your hair for instance. I like to detangle my hair when it has conditioner in it or is still wet. Any other way is a hassle. I use a hard plastic bristle brush to detangle. Combs don't work well enough for me. Discover your hair type and find products and tools that work well for you.
5. Let Your Hair Breathe
I know it's exciting to try all different styles when you are getting to know your hair and what it can do. This is a time where you start styling your own hair more than ever. It's a time to express your creativity. I love trying different styles but sometimes I like to give my hair a break and just wear a puff or my defined curls. After all that's what it's about, letting your hair do what it does naturally on its own. When you learn to stop fighting with your hair making it do all sorts of tricks, the pulling tugging, and slicking back so it looks nice, you will appreciate the beauty of simplicity.
6. Get Ready For War
You will get plenty of compliments for your hair and your courage to go natural but you will also get plenty of criticism. Don't be intimidated by those individuals who say "Natural ain't for everybody." Learn to rock what looks good to you. The same people criticizing you have probably thought about going natural themselves. You will get asked "Why did you go natural?" or  my favorite, "What made you do that?" You could entertain them with a smart response or go into a full on debate about your decision. Or, you could just be simple and honest with them about your decision. Make sure you tell them how beautiful you feel and what a liberating experience it is too.

Happy Hair, Brown Queens!!

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