Thursday, February 28, 2013


Hello, Queens! Today is THOUGHTFUL THURSDAY where your thoughts matter! If you ever need any advice on anything feel free to email me at, with advice in the subject line.

Stephanie, Memphis, TN, writes "My best friend just recently told me she is gay. I always had my suspicions but I never really payed attention to it. Now that she has told me this, I don't know how to feel. I want to still be her friend but this is kind of hard for me to understand. What should I do?"

- Hello Stephanie, I understand your problem all too well and I can say that everything will be just fine. You have to learn how to accept people for who they are. Although you may not understand her motives or reasoning you should not let this stop your friendship. In any friendship rules and guidelines should be established to make sure neither one of you cross the wrong boundaries. Just remember that just because her sexual orientation is different does not mean your friendship should be any different. Its all about understanding and not being so quick to judge and i'm sure your relationship will not be tarnished because of this.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

RELATIONS WEDNESDAY: Ain't Nobody's Business

How much do you know about a celebrity's personal life, fond of them or not? Out of everything you feel you know, what can you prove? We are sometimes bombarded with information about celebrities from all sorts of sources. We also sometimes take it upon ourselves to seek information(true or false) about the personal affairs of celebrities and then proceed to spread this information. When intrigued with celebrities, we want to know as much as possible about them and even go as far as building a one way relationship with them. I too am guilty of becoming more involved with the personal affairs of celebrities as I should and take liking to or even offense to the actions of celebrities. It's not too often but often enough. Celebrities truly have so much influence on people. They're praised for the good and praised and/or condemned for the bad they do depending on our personal opinion. Our various opinions, however, do not matter, when it comes to their personal experiences. Truth be told the personal lives of celebrities is not our business. They are human. They make mistakes like the rest of us. In no way should they be commended or reprimanded any differently than ordinary people leading ordinary lives. If Rihanna wants to go back to Chris, by all means she has the right to do that. If you want to have an opinion about that or any other celebrity happening, their relationships, their religious choices, then have an opinion. Voice it even but do not make the mistake of thinking they will align their life with your opinions of how they should live their private life.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

TRESSES TUESDAY: LAID...The Hair Challenge


Alright, Queens! The Brown QC is having a hair challenge. We want you to send us pics of you rocking your best hair style whether it's relaxed, natural, you have extensions, wigging it, you're faded out, or anything in between! If you rock it we want to see it. Send all pics to with hair challenge in the subject line! Your pics will be posted on the next TRESSES TUESDAY!!! *Hairstylist are welcomed to send pics of their work as well! If you would like your contact information to be included, please include it in the e-mail.

Monday, February 25, 2013

MUSIC MONDAY: Do My Ladies Run This...??

Who run the world or this MUSIC MONDAY post rather?? Girls! Well ...girl groups! We've seen the fellas be represented with their MUSIC MONDAY post >HERE< but haven't had our ladies come through and shut The BQC down. So today is the day. I've been on a girl group rampage every since the talk of Destiny's Child coming back and their super bowl performance. Now why would I keep this rampage all to myself? I have to share. This BQC playlist is filled with songs from my favorite girl groups. If I leave any of your favorites out, don't hesitate to comment and add your groups to the list.

*The playlist includes Bootylicious x Destiny's Child, Push it x Salt- N- Pepa, No Scrubs x TLC, Steelo x 702, I'm good x Blaque, No more x 3LW, and Where the boys at? x OMG Girlz*
  • TLC
  • Destiny's Child
  • 3LW
  • Blaque
  • SWV
  • Salt -N Pepa
  • Xscape
  • Total
  • 702
  • Floetry
  • Mary Mary
  • En Vogue
  • Pussy Cat Dolls
  • Spice Girls
  • OMG Girlz (Don't. Judge. Me.)
  • The Supremes 
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