Saturday, February 16, 2013

SERVICE SATURDAY: How's A Whole 28 Days For Black History Sound?

  This painting is "Celebrate Freedom" by Larry Poncho Brown

    February is a big month for The BQC. It's the month in which the blog was started. As you may know, there's a constant celebration going on here on The Brown Queens' Constitution for the beautiful brown women of African decent and any and everyone is always invited. We often celebrate our Brown Kings and their accomplishments as well. Don't confuse us to be self-righteous Queens that deny our Kings their reign. We will always lift our Kings up and support them. However there's nothing wrong with having your own special time or place where the celebration is focused on the majesty of one specific group out of the entire race. That is what Black History Month gives everyone, a designated time to focus on the history of black people. Black History month does not imply that February is the only time to do so, just reminding us to take time out and focus on who we are. Our history, who we were, affects who we are and ultimately affects who we will be in the future. There is no disservice being done to us to having one month, the shortest month designated as Black History Month. The disservice is done when we ourselves are not celebrating being who we are all year round. The disservice is done when we do not seek out information about our own history. We're constantly told the same fabricated stories about the notable historic figures, accepting them, and saying we know something about our people. It would be in our best interest to ditch the role of the victim and take on the role of the victor. We've been the victim, and rightfully so in many cases, but we are also a people who have overcome a tremendous amount of obstacles and that deserves the title of "Champion." Never should we forget those monumental idols that paved the way for us but it was done so we could walk those pavements and travel further. We must now evolve and pave the way for those coming after us. We are the new leaders. It is our responsibility to learn our history, learn from our history, and to share our knowledge. That's service! So... how may I be of service to you?? 

Happy Black History Month!!
-From The Brown Queens' Constitution

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