Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Let Me Upgrade You: BQC's 1 Year Anniversay

Let me upgrade you! 

The Brown Queens' Constitution RE-launches tomorrow with brand new features for it's 1 year anniversary!! You've been cordially invited to the party that celebrates everyday Brown Queens! It's an ongoing party that goes on every other week during BQC weeks on thebrownqc.blogspot.com and everyone's invited!
Here's what you can expect from the Brown QC in the near future:

- All new posts during BQC weeks
 by 11am

- Queens' Quotes: quotes/lyrics dedicated to the queens in all of us
- King's Perspective: the male  perspective on BQC topics and issues
Brown Majesty: Personal 
   features and interviews of everyday royalty
- More youtube videos
- more Ad opportunities
+ more

Wanna support us? Give us the

Big 3

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- Join 

If you interested in becoming apart of The BQC team or advertising your product or business on the blog email us at thebqc@yahoo.com

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  1. Happy Birthday BQC! Look forward to seeing more in 2013!!