Thursday, June 20, 2013


Hello, Queens! Today is THOUGHTFUL THURSDAY where your thoughts matter! If you ever need any advice on anything feel free to email me at, with advice in the subject line.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

RELATIONS WEDNESDAY: I Never Attended A Father Dance

    I am fortunate enough to always have had my father in my life. He's had a major influence on who I am and even the people I date and don't date. I've found that this is the case for so many ladies whether their father has been in their life or not. The influence being positive or negative varies and differs per every father-daughter relationship.There seems to be a connection between the strength of the relationship with your father and the type of treatment you accept from the men you become romantically involved with. Now before you question my credibility to speak on this topic, let me be clear. This information wasn't concluded from some scientific study. This is  merely an observation I've made over the years from my experience and the experience of other women. Just because your father was not in your life and you never attended the father-daughter dances does not mean you're doomed to a life of promiscuity with men who never appreciate your worth. Always having had your father around does not guarantee you the finest of gentlemen either. However, I do believe that having a father who always has your best interest at heart and actively plays a positive role in your life gives you a certain awareness that I find to be necessary when dating. Hats off to the mothers who take on both the mother and the father role. There are single moms out there who work very hard and tell you how a man should treat you but there is no denying that first-hand experience is the best teacher. Second-hand experience is just as good. Step-fathers who step up to the plate and take on such an important role receive high regards in my book. I acknowledge that circumstances vary, but less baby daddies and more dads are bound to do our little girls some good.  What are your thought on this topic? How has having your father in your life or not influenced your life or the men you date?

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Need a little edge in your life? Ladies are going far beyond the old classic bob to give their hair some edge. I've been inspired, no, not to cut my hair, but to simply share with you these short edgy cuts. I've been seeing quite a few short cuts lately that I love. They're just so fun to look at. I'm sure they're a ton more fun to wear. Maybe you're feeling spontaneous. Your hair is a great way to express yourself. Feeling edgy and fierce? Snip. Snip. Below are some cuts that really bring the edge on. What do you think? Feeling the edge?

(Photo from
 Emeli Sande

Alicia Keys

Change Your Length and Add Texture
(Photo Credit:

Chrisette Michele

Monday, May 20, 2013

MUSIC MONDAY: Summertime Fire

It's getting hot! You know what that means... Summer anthems are well on their way. There have been some tracks released that burning up the charts already. Some of those are featured on this week's BQC playlist along with some tracks that have been on repeat since I've heard them. Can you feel the heat? Enjoy this MUSIC MONDAY!! Don't forget to give us the BIG 3! Like, share, comment!!

***The BQC Playlist includes

(1)  Q.U.E.E.N. x Janelle Monae

Now you know this song would make it on The BQC Playlist at some point in time. Here it is. Brown Queens, please stand up for this one. Better yet, dance for this one!

(2) Blurred Lines x Robin Thick ft. T.I. and Pharrell 
Super fun video... Check it out.

(3) Mirrors x Justin Timberlake 
This is a definitely a summer concert, wave your lighters back and forth type of song.
It's a favorite from his album too.

(4) Can't Hold Us x Macklemore ft. Ryan Lewis
Very talented artist... Live track

(5) Fine China x Chris Brown
It has the whole summer anthem feel... couldn't leave him out.
Fun track

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Soul Search Sunday: Needle In a Haystack

    The pressure is high and the struggle is real when everyone around you seems to be doing what you're not or something that you shouldn't. There's even more pressure when you fighting your own desires. How do you remain unfazed by the pressure when you're the needle in the haystack? Let's be honest; it's one thing to say what you wouldn't do when you're not in the situation that challenges you most but it's a whole other ball game when you're confronted with that challenge repeatedly. I offer you these vital questions to ask yourself when you're doubting your own decision at times when you would usually feel confident in them...

1. Why have I not succumbed to the pressure in all this time?
2. Is this good for me?
3. Will I regret it later?
4. Why is this important to me?
5. What will I gain if I refrain from giving in?

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

SERVICE SATURDAY: STS Enterprise Bridge The Gap

    "We do this!"... Three words you can expect to hear from Jeremy Calhoun and Alton Cryer when it comes to serving the community. These words are backed up by action through their community outreach program, STS Enterprise, Setting The Standard. Both seniors at The University of Memphis(Go Tigers), Jeremy and Alton founded STS in November of 2012 with hopes of setting a new standard through mentoring, public speaking, and of course community outreach.
     On April 27, 2013, STS hosted a volunteer event entitled "Bridging the Gap" where fellow college students came out to senior community home, Wesley Senior Ministries. From 9:30am- 12pm STS spent quality time with the seniors, serving breakfast, playing games, and engaging in good ol' conversation. Jeremy and Alton both agree; It's critical for the youth to spend time with the seniors assuring them that someone is still thinking of them and cares about their well-being. The gentlemen note that many of them have outlived their family members. The room was filled with transactions of youthful energy and graceful wisdom as STS connected with the seniors. I wasn't at Wesley Senior Ministries for very long. However, within that short period of time I was able to interact with the seniors as I joined in on a game of bowling on the Wii. Also, my perception of senior homes was changed almost immediately. Spending time with seniors as community service was never my preference and often takes the backseat to volunteering with children or mentoring youth. I quickly found out that it's a necessary service and sometimes teachers have to sit down and be taught. There's so much to learn from the seasoned individuals right in our own communities. Jeremy and Alton seek to make this a monthly event and welcome any others who wish to volunteer their time with any of their service opportunities.
   On behalf of The Brown Queens' Constitution, I would like to thank STS Enterprise for inviting me and I wish your organization much success. These are the very deeds that make you what we at The BQC call "Everyday Royalty"!! You have the support of The Brown Queens always! #BrownQueensSupportBrownKings Thank you for what you do!

Contact STS to inquire about volunteer events.
Phone: (Jeremy Calhoun) (901)- 378-2223
Like STS Enterprise on Facebook:

Thursday, May 9, 2013

THOUGHTFUL THURSDAY: You've got questions. We've got answers.

 THOUGHTFUL THURSDAY is The BQC's advice column. Need advice about any of the topics on the blog? I'm here to help you! Just comment below this post or shoot me an email @ and I'll respond right here on The Brown QC!! Let's talk!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


With Mother's Day right around the corner, there's very little time to come up with the most thoughtful gift for the Queen of Queens in your life, your mom. You better get to it BUT right after this post of course. Today we'd like to reminisce over the greatest TV moms in honor of Mom's big day. Please feel free to comment with your favorite TV moms!

6. Single Mom
Television in America has always been based on our American values. A prominent value has always been glorifying the married mom with 2 kids and a dog with very few exceptions. The reality is every family is not structured this way. There are a lot of single moms who are the sole provider for the children. The single mom of color's character has been unfairly represented. The image of this woman is not portrayed on television too often. What's up with that?

5. Madea
Technically Madea isn't a woman so he or she(which ever you prefer) can't be a mother. However, Madea's "tough love" approach to motherhood is still love nonetheless. Madea's violent antics are a bit outrageous but always makes for a good laugh. You can't deny that any of Tyler Perry's films or sitcoms that feature a dominant mom character place a great deal of importance on a mother's role. Perry's grandmother was very influential in his life and it is evident in his productions.

4. The struggle was real for The Evan's family on "Good Times" but you could always count on Florida Evans to hold the family down. Florida nurtured the kids and protected her family by any means necessary. Florida supported her husband until death did them part. We all know what she said when that happened... _______! ________! ________ ! You gotta love Flo!

3. The 2nd Aunt Viv
Definitely no financial struggles here... Vivan Banks wasn't Will's mom on "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air" but she welcomed Will into her home, a mansion might I add, and stepped in as mom for him when needed. Aunt Viv's kind and loving personality make her a TV favorite. Besides, the feud that only the 1st Aunt Viv seems to be fueling is ridiculous. (We like 2nd Aunt Viv better. She's nicer)

2. Rochelle from "Everybody Hates Chris"
This mama doesn't take any mess. She is hilarious, sometimes over the top, but she loves her family. She loves her some Patti Labelle has too much pride for government assistance. All she knows is her husband has two jobs and Julius better get her hair fixed.

1. Clair Huxtable
If your life's ambition as a mom isn't to be at least half as awesome as Clair Huxtable, a reevaluation may be in order. She is the epitome of a outstanding mother, wife, and daughter.
Clair had it all; an incredible family and flourishing career. With the support of her loving husband, Cliff, there was nothing she could not conquer. She's the Queen of TV moms!


Monday, May 6, 2013

MUSIC MONDAY: So Underrated

I was listening to some of my favorite underrated artists via Youtube over the weekend (When am I not listening to music right? Almost never.)... And I thought what a great topic for MUSIC MONDAY. We all have those artists who we feel are extremely underrated. Oh I have plenty but for time's sake I'll only share some for this post. The artists featured on today's BQC playlist have been on the music scene for quite some time and just don't get the respect I think they deserve. If you agree or disagree, comment, share, all of that jazz. Let us know who are some of your favorite underrated artists. Like us on Facebook. Post your comments below this post or on Facebook. I hope you are nodding your head to this playlist in agreement because you know I'm right. They're underrated. And I hope you're also nodding your head because it sounds so darn good. Happy MUSIC MONDAY, Queens!

***The BQC Playlist includes Lock you Down x Mya ft. Weezy F. Baby (had to say the "Baby"), Breathe x Fabolous, Underrated x Tank, Officially Missing You x Tamia, Love Come Down x Diddy- Dirty Money, Shake Ya Tailfeather x Nelly ft. P. Diddy, Puff Daddy, Diddy (1 of them) , and Murphy Lee***