Sunday, May 12, 2013

Soul Search Sunday: Needle In a Haystack

    The pressure is high and the struggle is real when everyone around you seems to be doing what you're not or something that you shouldn't. There's even more pressure when you fighting your own desires. How do you remain unfazed by the pressure when you're the needle in the haystack? Let's be honest; it's one thing to say what you wouldn't do when you're not in the situation that challenges you most but it's a whole other ball game when you're confronted with that challenge repeatedly. I offer you these vital questions to ask yourself when you're doubting your own decision at times when you would usually feel confident in them...

1. Why have I not succumbed to the pressure in all this time?
2. Is this good for me?
3. Will I regret it later?
4. Why is this important to me?
5. What will I gain if I refrain from giving in?

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