Wednesday, May 8, 2013


With Mother's Day right around the corner, there's very little time to come up with the most thoughtful gift for the Queen of Queens in your life, your mom. You better get to it BUT right after this post of course. Today we'd like to reminisce over the greatest TV moms in honor of Mom's big day. Please feel free to comment with your favorite TV moms!

6. Single Mom
Television in America has always been based on our American values. A prominent value has always been glorifying the married mom with 2 kids and a dog with very few exceptions. The reality is every family is not structured this way. There are a lot of single moms who are the sole provider for the children. The single mom of color's character has been unfairly represented. The image of this woman is not portrayed on television too often. What's up with that?

5. Madea
Technically Madea isn't a woman so he or she(which ever you prefer) can't be a mother. However, Madea's "tough love" approach to motherhood is still love nonetheless. Madea's violent antics are a bit outrageous but always makes for a good laugh. You can't deny that any of Tyler Perry's films or sitcoms that feature a dominant mom character place a great deal of importance on a mother's role. Perry's grandmother was very influential in his life and it is evident in his productions.

4. The struggle was real for The Evan's family on "Good Times" but you could always count on Florida Evans to hold the family down. Florida nurtured the kids and protected her family by any means necessary. Florida supported her husband until death did them part. We all know what she said when that happened... _______! ________! ________ ! You gotta love Flo!

3. The 2nd Aunt Viv
Definitely no financial struggles here... Vivan Banks wasn't Will's mom on "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air" but she welcomed Will into her home, a mansion might I add, and stepped in as mom for him when needed. Aunt Viv's kind and loving personality make her a TV favorite. Besides, the feud that only the 1st Aunt Viv seems to be fueling is ridiculous. (We like 2nd Aunt Viv better. She's nicer)

2. Rochelle from "Everybody Hates Chris"
This mama doesn't take any mess. She is hilarious, sometimes over the top, but she loves her family. She loves her some Patti Labelle has too much pride for government assistance. All she knows is her husband has two jobs and Julius better get her hair fixed.

1. Clair Huxtable
If your life's ambition as a mom isn't to be at least half as awesome as Clair Huxtable, a reevaluation may be in order. She is the epitome of a outstanding mother, wife, and daughter.
Clair had it all; an incredible family and flourishing career. With the support of her loving husband, Cliff, there was nothing she could not conquer. She's the Queen of TV moms!


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