Saturday, April 13, 2013


 Just in case you forgot what SERVICE SATURDAY is all about, here's a reminder. I want to preserve Saturdays for highlighting community service organizations or individuals who often or even occasionally commit time to service. You know by now that a big part of this blog is about the journey to being better Brown Queens. I feel like a big part of that journey would be being involved in our communities and doing our part to make it better. I do ask that you join this journey by going out in your local community and helping where ever possible. It's so important that we recognize the positive things going on that Brown Queens and Kings have a hand in. If you know any organizations that should get a shout out on The BQC, please feel free to comment or tell me how you help your community. Also if you know of any community projects in the Memphis area that I could get involved with, let me know! Comment, comment, comment!!

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Hello, Queens! Today is THOUGHTFUL THURSDAY where your thoughts matter! If you ever need any advice on anything feel free to email me at, with advice in the subject line.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


CONGRATULATIONS, Queen! You're getting married on the ___ day of you don't know yet. And you're getting married to you have no idea. Although you have no idea of who you may be marrying or when you will get hitched, there's probably one thing your'e semi-sure about... Your wedding!!! If you're like me, you've thought about your special day at least a dozen times. When you do, you see yourself walking down the aisle to a man with a face you can't yet make out because you don't know who he is yet. (I'm sure he's handsome) You think about your dress, your bridesmaids, your location, your phenomenal reception, your hair, your colors, the music, the cake, your groom, the HONEYMOON, the bridal shower, the groom again  your dress again, the groom again, the bachelorette party, your rock of an engagement ring, the groom again, and your honeymoon. Who knows if you'll get everything you dreamed about on your wedding day or how much of what you want will change. But a little down to the last detail, extra particular dreaming never hurt anybody. If the Kings have fantasy football then our fantasy wedding is considerably our substantial equivalent. So let's get you hitched! Plan your dream wedding. Comment below with the following info:

 Team (Bridal party)
Uniform (Dress)
Superbowl (destination)
Halftime Show ( Reception)
Fellow Champ (Dream Groom)
Championship Ring (Wedding rings)
and anything else you'f like to share

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

TRESSES TUESDAY: Natural Hair in The Professional World

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    I attended a forum on my college campus last Thursday about natural hair in the corporate or professional world entitled "Naturally Professional". The forum was put on by the local chapter of NABJ, the National Association of Black Journalists. The panel presented a great discussion about the perceptions of natural hair on professional women in the corporate arena. I've now opened this discussion to you. We would like to hear your thoughts on this topic. Some of the questions presented and some I've added are as follows:

"Do you think natural hair effects what employers think of your professional abilities?"

"What do you feel your natural hair says about you to employers and co-workers?"

"Have you ever been offended at work because of your natural hair?"

"Should you wear a fro (curly fro etc.) to an interview?"

"What alternate hairstyles can you consider to wear to work or for an interview?"

"Should you wear your hair differently than how you normally wear your hair outside your work?"

"What are the misconceptions about women with natural hair?"

We would love to have your thoughts ad opinions be apart of our discussion.
Comment below or add your thoughts on our Facebook page.
Any and everyone is invited to join the discussion!!

Monday, April 8, 2013

MUSIC MONDAY: Next Up on The Royal Stage Pt. 2

Last time I introduced new artists to you I was having a musical obsession with brand new solo artists Luke James, Elle Varner, and Timothy Bloom. Well... I have new music for you to indulge in with me; music from new (or new to me) artists Lianne La Havas, Avery*Sunshine, and Sevyn Streeter. I hope you enjoy the BQC playlist! Give us the BIG 3!! LIKE, SHARE, and JOIN!

**The BQC playlist includes All in my head & Ugly Part of Me x Avery*Sunshine, Lost and Found x Lianne La Havas, and I Like It x Sevyn Streeter**

Lianne La Havas
Here's another soulful singer from overseas. Love her sound and she's only 23. I'm excited to see this artist go far. She reminds me of Corrine Bailey Rae but a tad more melancholy. 

Meet Little Miss Sunshine with a whole lot of sass and an elegantly powerful voice. Sunshine is where jazz meets subtle neo-soul. I enjoy the authenticity of Sunshine's lyrics and her graceful delivery. I think you'll like her too.

Sevyn Streeter
Sevyn Streeter is a former member of r&b/pop girl group, Rich Girl. I hate the group didn't work out but at least one rose budded from the ashes and it's Sevyn Streeter. She's had the privilege of writing and singing back ground vocals for several artists including Chris Brown. She's hip and a talented dancer and singer. I'm looking forward to hearing more from her.