Tuesday, April 9, 2013

TRESSES TUESDAY: Natural Hair in The Professional World

 photo credit: nolablackprofessionals.com

    I attended a forum on my college campus last Thursday about natural hair in the corporate or professional world entitled "Naturally Professional". The forum was put on by the local chapter of NABJ, the National Association of Black Journalists. The panel presented a great discussion about the perceptions of natural hair on professional women in the corporate arena. I've now opened this discussion to you. We would like to hear your thoughts on this topic. Some of the questions presented and some I've added are as follows:

"Do you think natural hair effects what employers think of your professional abilities?"

"What do you feel your natural hair says about you to employers and co-workers?"

"Have you ever been offended at work because of your natural hair?"

"Should you wear a fro (curly fro etc.) to an interview?"

"What alternate hairstyles can you consider to wear to work or for an interview?"

"Should you wear your hair differently than how you normally wear your hair outside your work?"

"What are the misconceptions about women with natural hair?"

We would love to have your thoughts ad opinions be apart of our discussion.
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Any and everyone is invited to join the discussion!!

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