Monday, December 31, 2012

MUSIC MONDAY: Ending With A Bang

I know it's been a while since the last BQC post. No need to fret, we're up and at 'em for this new upcoming year! 2012 was a great year for the BQC! I started this thing February 13, 2012 and I couldn't thank you enough for your support of The Brown Queens' Constitution. The BQC has grown a lot in 2012 but get ready because 2013 is going to be bigger and better. As always if you like/support, give us the BIG 3!!

Now for your regularly scheduled BQC post, it's MUSIC MONDAY. My year ended with a bang when I attended the Trey Songz Chapter V concert. He put on a really good live show and featured two more of my favorite artists, Miguel and Elle Varner. On this week's BQC playlist I've included a few of my favorite tracks from Trey, Miguel, and Elle. I hope you enjoy!


**The BQC playlist includes Do You x Miguel, Fumble x Trey Songz, Not Tonight x Elle Varner**

Posted by Na'Shun

Saturday, December 8, 2012

SERVICE SATURDAY: Christmas For The Children

     Make this Christmas merry for a child this season. Help create the magic of Christmas by donating toys or visiting a child at your local children's hospital during the holidays. Since a lot of us are older we no longer believe in Santa Claus or the tales we were told that brought us much joy during Christmas. However, the children still have their innocence and still see Christmas as a magical time of year. Let's keep the magic of the holidays alive for the kids who still believe that if you're good, good comes to you. Happy Holidays!