Wednesday, April 9, 2014

RELATIONS WEDNESDAY: Are You In A Dead-end Relationship?

     "Why am I here?" If that's a question you ask yourself more often than not about your mate, you may need to ask yourself another question. Am I in a dead-end relationship?

       Technically a dead-end relationship is one that doesn't last for one reason or another. Well I see it simple. Either it ends or it doesn't. Either it's a dead-end relationship or not.

     4 tell-tale signs that you're in a..

   1. You've lowered your standards

How low is too low?

    The characteristics you once deemed completely unacceptable, you now tolerate. 
How much and for how long can you tolerate? We're all human so we're flawed. But have you both made sacrifices for the better of the relationship? Loving and accepting someone for who they are and tolerating who they are not are not the same. 

    2. You're embarrassed by him

You're afraid others may find out about your relationship.

      Oh this one is a dead give-away. If you are ashamed of your man then maybe you're more concerned about what other people think than you should. Or maybe it's proof that you're dealing with someone you know you shouldn't.

    3. You want two different things

"We're just in two different places" 
        It may sound cliche' but it is not to be taken lightly. You're ready to take your relationship to the next level and he's not or vice-versa. This can affect your relationship more than you think. If how you envision your future together looks drastically different from his, a dead-end could be in the near future.

   4. There's no chemistry
The spark is gone.

        Cringing at the sight of him or the slightest touch of him is just not a good sign. It's going to take a lot more than a spark to have a lasting relationship and if you don't at least have that then someone's bound to get hurt. Take caution you may be headed towards a dead-end.

By Na'Shun, Founder and Contributor
The Brown Queens' Constitution

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

TRESSES TUESDAY: Work Is Cramping My Hairstyle

         Does your job dictate how you wear your hair? Mine certainly does. But that's no news at all. Many jobs will tell you how you can't wear your hair or what to do to constrain it in the work place. In order to remain "professional" and keep my job I comply with the rules. But these rules are really cramping my style. And natural hair is a whole other issue to be dealt with. I've wanted to color my hair for the longest and I am afraid that my job will not approve. Although there's nothing in the guidelines that say I can't wear my hair a certain color, I have a feeling that the color I'm going for may be a bit too edgy for their constrictions. I'm thinking I may give them a teaser and go with highlights first just to see their reaction. Or I could just ask them but that's no fun. Queens are not to be stifled. Don't they know that?!

What are the rules about hair at your job?

Do you comply with the rules?

Do you challenge the rules?

Has your boss ever made a comment about your hair?

Let us know your thoughts…

By Na'Shun, Founder and Contributor
The Brown Queens' Constitution
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Monday, April 7, 2014

MUSIC MONDAY: Queen of The Dancehall

       Hi, Queens! Na'Shun here. The last 2 months have been quite eventful for myself and the Brown Queens' Constitution. We celebrated 2 years at the end of February and have made some additions to the team. You'll find out more about that soon enough. I'm extremely excited! We've broken from our routine of BQC weeks BUT we are back. Now back to your regular scheduled programming; It's MUSIC MONDAY!

         An island girl has taken over my body. I don't know if it's because the weather is getting warmer or if it's this faint desire I've had to be on a Caribbean island with a bright colored beverage garnished with an umbrella at hand that has me in a reggae mood.

       I traveled to Atlanta for a friend's birthday a few weeks ago. We went out for a night on the town and were bombarded with the many options that crowd Atlanta's nightlife. We ended up going to a reggae club which in hindsight, I'm so glad we did. It was probably one of the best times I've had at a club in a while.

       The atmosphere was much different than the other spots I've attended. It looked like a scene out of a Beenie Man video.(Remember him?) It was hot but if you were dancing you didn't mind it. It was pretty sexy and not to mention FUN. But the music... the music is the reason for this post.

   Reggae tunes filled my ears and I was consumed. The DJ played the greatest reggae hits and even reggaton renditions of r&b/hip hop songs I'd never heard before. I pulled all the moves that I ever learned from the Sean Paul videos as if I were at a dancehall in the middle of St. Thomas. It was quite liberating... and so I've been inspired. I won't keep this party to myself. "Dutty wind gul" Enjoy. Happy MUSIC MONDAY!

***The BQC playlist includes 
One love x Bob Marley
Is This Love x Corrine Bailey Ray
Need You Bad x Jazmine Sullivan
Three Little Birds x Bob Marley
Girls Them Sugar x Beenie Man
Baby Boy x Beyonce’
No Letting Go x Wayne Wonder
Gimme The Light x Sean Paul
It Wasn’t Me x Shaggy***

By Na'Shun, Founder and Contributor
The Brown Queens' Constituion