Tuesday, April 8, 2014

TRESSES TUESDAY: Work Is Cramping My Hairstyle

         Does your job dictate how you wear your hair? Mine certainly does. But that's no news at all. Many jobs will tell you how you can't wear your hair or what to do to constrain it in the work place. In order to remain "professional" and keep my job I comply with the rules. But these rules are really cramping my style. And natural hair is a whole other issue to be dealt with. I've wanted to color my hair for the longest and I am afraid that my job will not approve. Although there's nothing in the guidelines that say I can't wear my hair a certain color, I have a feeling that the color I'm going for may be a bit too edgy for their constrictions. I'm thinking I may give them a teaser and go with highlights first just to see their reaction. Or I could just ask them but that's no fun. Queens are not to be stifled. Don't they know that?!

What are the rules about hair at your job?

Do you comply with the rules?

Do you challenge the rules?

Has your boss ever made a comment about your hair?

Let us know your thoughts…

By Na'Shun, Founder and Contributor
The Brown Queens' Constitution
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