Sunday, December 2, 2012

BQC Update: FALL 2012

Season's greetings, Queens and all other BQC viewers! As founder of The Brown Queens' Constitution, I want to express my gratitude for you, especially those of you who continuously support The BQC! We appreciate everything!! Be on the look out for new features on the blog. We're going to amp things up a little bit, starting with a new team. You've probably seen D'LeAnn on a few FASHION FRENZY FRIDAYS already. We've now grown into a team of a whopping three members(yes 3) with our new addition to the BQC team, Magan. I'm elated to have her be a part of my vision. She's now the featured blogger for THOUGHTFUL THURSDAYS and SOUL SEARCH SUNDAYS. Although I haven't known Magan for a  long period of time, I was immediately taken back by her wisdom and amazingly kind spirit. I'm sure you'll enjoy her. Between Magan's gentle spirit and my sister-girl advice you're in for a treat on Thursdays and Sundays. Queens, be sure to welcome Brown Queen, Magan (to the right).  Also check out the video below to get a more detailed view of what's to come with The Brown Queens' Constitution. Tell your friends about us!  Show us some love by doing the big three.
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