Saturday, April 13, 2013


 Just in case you forgot what SERVICE SATURDAY is all about, here's a reminder. I want to preserve Saturdays for highlighting community service organizations or individuals who often or even occasionally commit time to service. You know by now that a big part of this blog is about the journey to being better Brown Queens. I feel like a big part of that journey would be being involved in our communities and doing our part to make it better. I do ask that you join this journey by going out in your local community and helping where ever possible. It's so important that we recognize the positive things going on that Brown Queens and Kings have a hand in. If you know any organizations that should get a shout out on The BQC, please feel free to comment or tell me how you help your community. Also if you know of any community projects in the Memphis area that I could get involved with, let me know! Comment, comment, comment!!

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