Wednesday, April 10, 2013


CONGRATULATIONS, Queen! You're getting married on the ___ day of you don't know yet. And you're getting married to you have no idea. Although you have no idea of who you may be marrying or when you will get hitched, there's probably one thing your'e semi-sure about... Your wedding!!! If you're like me, you've thought about your special day at least a dozen times. When you do, you see yourself walking down the aisle to a man with a face you can't yet make out because you don't know who he is yet. (I'm sure he's handsome) You think about your dress, your bridesmaids, your location, your phenomenal reception, your hair, your colors, the music, the cake, your groom, the HONEYMOON, the bridal shower, the groom again  your dress again, the groom again, the bachelorette party, your rock of an engagement ring, the groom again, and your honeymoon. Who knows if you'll get everything you dreamed about on your wedding day or how much of what you want will change. But a little down to the last detail, extra particular dreaming never hurt anybody. If the Kings have fantasy football then our fantasy wedding is considerably our substantial equivalent. So let's get you hitched! Plan your dream wedding. Comment below with the following info:

 Team (Bridal party)
Uniform (Dress)
Superbowl (destination)
Halftime Show ( Reception)
Fellow Champ (Dream Groom)
Championship Ring (Wedding rings)
and anything else you'f like to share

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