Wednesday, June 5, 2013

RELATIONS WEDNESDAY: I Never Attended A Father Dance

    I am fortunate enough to always have had my father in my life. He's had a major influence on who I am and even the people I date and don't date. I've found that this is the case for so many ladies whether their father has been in their life or not. The influence being positive or negative varies and differs per every father-daughter relationship.There seems to be a connection between the strength of the relationship with your father and the type of treatment you accept from the men you become romantically involved with. Now before you question my credibility to speak on this topic, let me be clear. This information wasn't concluded from some scientific study. This is  merely an observation I've made over the years from my experience and the experience of other women. Just because your father was not in your life and you never attended the father-daughter dances does not mean you're doomed to a life of promiscuity with men who never appreciate your worth. Always having had your father around does not guarantee you the finest of gentlemen either. However, I do believe that having a father who always has your best interest at heart and actively plays a positive role in your life gives you a certain awareness that I find to be necessary when dating. Hats off to the mothers who take on both the mother and the father role. There are single moms out there who work very hard and tell you how a man should treat you but there is no denying that first-hand experience is the best teacher. Second-hand experience is just as good. Step-fathers who step up to the plate and take on such an important role receive high regards in my book. I acknowledge that circumstances vary, but less baby daddies and more dads are bound to do our little girls some good.  What are your thought on this topic? How has having your father in your life or not influenced your life or the men you date?

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  1. Not having my father around has influenced me both positively and negatively. Positibely because i saw all that a woman is capable of, without a man, through my mom, and negatively because I saw how others grew with their fathers, and the positive effects it had on them, and a lot of the time I missed him. Also with him not being around I wasn't able to see how a man should treat a woman however I did see how a man shouldn't treat a woman through he in my mother's marriage. so there are negatives and positives of not having your dad around. I wish I didn't have to experience the negative but it made me a stronger woman in the end.