Wednesday, February 27, 2013

RELATIONS WEDNESDAY: Ain't Nobody's Business

How much do you know about a celebrity's personal life, fond of them or not? Out of everything you feel you know, what can you prove? We are sometimes bombarded with information about celebrities from all sorts of sources. We also sometimes take it upon ourselves to seek information(true or false) about the personal affairs of celebrities and then proceed to spread this information. When intrigued with celebrities, we want to know as much as possible about them and even go as far as building a one way relationship with them. I too am guilty of becoming more involved with the personal affairs of celebrities as I should and take liking to or even offense to the actions of celebrities. It's not too often but often enough. Celebrities truly have so much influence on people. They're praised for the good and praised and/or condemned for the bad they do depending on our personal opinion. Our various opinions, however, do not matter, when it comes to their personal experiences. Truth be told the personal lives of celebrities is not our business. They are human. They make mistakes like the rest of us. In no way should they be commended or reprimanded any differently than ordinary people leading ordinary lives. If Rihanna wants to go back to Chris, by all means she has the right to do that. If you want to have an opinion about that or any other celebrity happening, their relationships, their religious choices, then have an opinion. Voice it even but do not make the mistake of thinking they will align their life with your opinions of how they should live their private life.

Posted by Na'Shun

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