Monday, February 11, 2013

MUSIC MONDAY: Celebrating 1 year of The BQC

        Since this week is the anniversary week for The Brown Queens' Constitution it's only right that we have some celebration music for the BQC's 1st birthday! Our very first MUSIC MONDAY and BQC post period was dedicated to the incomparable Whitney Houston! It was an honor to feature such an amazing talent! Since then there have been many great MUSIC MONDAYS but today is our birthday so today's playlist is extra special! There seems to be a Bey craze going on right now with her recent Super Bowl performance and the announcement of her Mrs. Carter tour. Brown Queens love King Bey so we have Bey's "Upgrade you" on the playlist! It also symbolizes the upgrade of the BQC!  Be sure to stay a while and enjoy the rest of the tracks featured on the BQC's birthday playlist! 

Happy Birthday BQC!!!

*The playlist includes Upgrade you x Bey ft. Jay-Z, Suit and Tie x x Justin Timberlake ft. Jay-Z, Those who wait x Daley, Closer x Goapele, Say Ahh(birthday) x Trey Songz*

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