Wednesday, January 16, 2013

RELATIONS WEDNESDAY: A Game of Cat and Mouse

First, let me break down this old dating game of chase called "cat and mouse" or rather how it has been in my experience. It usually goes a little something like this; cat chases mouse while mouse chases another cat who is either chasing another mouse or not acknowledging that he is being chased. If you now understand this concept then you may share my conclusion that every party involved is being quite ridiculous. In my defense and the defense of others like me, as the more than occasional chasee and chaser, when we see something worth pursuing, we pursue it. We do this regardless of the pulling and tugging of the one pursuing us. No one is turned backwards to be willingly retrieved by the one chasing them because we're too busy chasing someone else. We become selfish and ambitious that way all at once. Who's going to occupy themselves with the task of being happy? Isn't that the point? It all comes down to this; Have the person we want at the risk of their desire not being mutual or choose to be happy with the one who wants us. Now I'm not one for settling in any kind of way but I do however believe in reevaluating your desires according to your reality. All I ever wanted is for my desire for someone to be mutual. If you desire that mutual feeling as well then you may need to turn in that old game of chase for the waiting game until the right "cat" comes along.

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