Monday, May 21, 2012

MUSIC MONDAY: Timeless Tempts


      Do these guys really need an introduction? I'll entertain you with one anyway. Bred out of the World Famous Music Factory, Motown Records in Detroit, Michigan. They came about in the 60's and they've had several combinations of singers but have always consisted of 5 members. They are one of Motown's finest contributions and one of the star bands from the label. Their catchy lyrics and precise dance moves captivate audiences. Younger generations of Temptations fans are exposed to the group through the biographical TV series of the Tempts that was first televised on NBC in 1998 and more recently broadcast on other channels quite often. We have grown to love The Temptations and the characters that played them in the TV series. We recognize their musical contributions to Motown and American pop-culture. We love Otis, Melvin (Blue),Eddie Kendricks, Paul, and who can forget, Mr. David Ruffin. Otis is the only original member still living. Although the others are deceased we will never forget The Temptations because their music will live on for generations to come. I heard a song just the other day and it in reminded me of the first Temptation song I hears and recognized who they were. It was "Papa was a Rolling Stone". This is the first Tempt song my father shared with me. (no pun intended) He taught me the melody one day while we were out taking a drive. I remember him saying "Sing this. "Papa was a rolling stone..." and me singing it back to him. I will cherish that memory as long as I can. I will tell my unborn children about The Temptations. Their music will live on because that's what timeless music does.

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