Saturday, July 7, 2012

Service Saturday: Your Trash Is Someone's Treasure

        Brown Queens love us some retail therapy. We love shopping. And when we do, out goes the old and in comes the new. But when drawers and closets become overstuffed, we need to make more room for new items. Sometimes we give clothes to family members and friends or sell them to consignment shops or even throw our worn but nice looking items in the garbage. The nerve of us. My mom has always taught me to give my gently worn items to the Goodwill. I realize that many of us have rediscovered the thrift store and realized the value of scoring great pre-owned items for cheap. But thrift stores offer more than a steal on a vintage blazer, they provide super affordable clothing, shoes, and home items for those who truly can not afford brand new pieces or those on a much tighter budget. Your items may be old to you but they are new to someone else. Instead of throwing your gently worn clothes away, consider donating them to your local Goodwill  for someone who really could use them. It's the Queenly thing to do. :)

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