Monday, July 2, 2012

MUSIC MONDAY: Comeback Season

           They giveth and they take it away. Why must these music artists torture us by being so amazing and right at high points in their careers they decide to take a break? What are they thinking about? O.k. so let me stop being selfish and see that they may need a break from the spotlight. It has to be tough living your life under a magnifying glass. Their human too and they go through issues just like everybody else. I get it. But I'm a music addict and Queens if you're like me you need to score a new record from your favorite artist asap. Lucky for us some of the best artists are either in the studio again or have recently made a comeback. And the others we're still waiting on. Today's BQC playlist features artist who have taken a "break" or on the verge of a comeback. If they're not I need them to make that happen yesterday. Get it together. It's comeback season.




*The BQC playlist features Jazmine Sullivan, D'angelo, Musiq Soulchild, Lauryn Hill, Maxwell, and India Arie * (I know it's all soul but what can I say?"


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