Tuesday, July 3, 2012

TRESSES TUESDAY: Hairstyles For The Summer Cook-out

     Welcome to summer where natural hair frizzes at the smallest hint of humidity and long lengthy hair makes you all hot and sweaty. So I've been trying to think of a hot 4th of July cookout hairstyle.(a lot right?) I'm natural and my hair is long but not so long that it falls past my shoulders when curly and will not help keep me cool when I'm outside. Any style I want to do besides adding extensions will work for me but I'm still searching for that "it" hairstyle. So I've gathered some pics of styles for you and I to find inspiration for that perfect cook-out hairstyle that will look hot but won't make you sweat. As you'll see below, the 2012 BET awards was filled with stars with hot summer do's. 


1.) A bob. Lauren London's bob here is a little long on the sides but so gorgeous. If you have long hair you can pin it in the back, a feaux bob if you will.

2.) Sideswept do. I've been seeing these Queens with fishtails. That's a cute modern way for the updated ponytail.

3. Up and away. These hairstyles look good on these Queens. Updo's are also a good way to show off your makeup.

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