Wednesday, July 4, 2012


How soon is too soon to meet the family?? I am an advocate for not bringing every guy to meet your parents especially if they're not going to be around long. If you know it will be short winded from beginning, I wouldn't bother. After the third date sounds like a good time to introduce the guy you're dating to your parents. By then you know if you'll be embarrassed by him or if he can impress your parents the way he impressed you. (Tip) If you know your parent's would not approve of your guy in any way, should you really be dating him? A family dinner at your parent's is the traditional "meet the family" setting. Try something fun like going bowling with your parents and your guy. The setting takes some of the pressure off of your guy. Holidays are great for meeting the extended family. If your family is the type to grill a guy, be sure not to leave your guy alone for too long. That can be intimidating for him. If he can hold his own throughout the interrogation, that's a good sign for you. Meeting the family is something that has to be timed just right. Too soon can make him feel like you're getting too serious too fast. Waiting too long can be offensive. But the good thing is once it's over it's a relief to have your family meet someone who is beginning to mean a lot to you. Now you can concentrate on other things like impressing his parents.

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