Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Relations Wednesday: Lovetown, U.S.A.

       Where is Mr. Right and where can you find him?? Well I've been on my own quest to find mine for a while now. It always seems to be the ulterior motive when I'm going out with my girls whether they know it or not. I can't help but think that maybe my Brown King is somewhere in the crowd of a nightclub or bar. So far I've been wrong. Like I've said in previous posts, a nightclub is not the best place to pick up a worthy potential date. It sounds so desperate to say I'm going here to meet a man but the reality is you want to be in the atmosphere of your best possible candidates. So then the question raised "Where can I go to put myself in the way of cupid's arrow?" I've thought about it and come up with a few places. Don't hesitate to share your personal hotspots too.

1. Chuuuurch (Amen!)
 Religious views are known to make or break the compatibility between you and a mate. To be sure you share the same views, try being open to finding a mate at church. Singles nights at church may need to be penciled in your schedule.

                                                                      2. The Gym
 A lot can be assumed about a man who attends a gym regularly. #1 He's committed to and can afford his gym membership. That shows he can commit to something even if it's just a gym membership. #2 He cares about his health. 3. He's in good shape or on his way to being in shape. A nice body may be evidence to that.

3. The Grocery Store
Eggs? Check. Milk? Check. Man??  I would definitely recommend the super market in the nice neighborhood down the street from the corporate offices and far away from the grimy neighborhoods of the inner city. Think about which man shops where.

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