Sunday, August 5, 2012

Soul Search Sunday: Find Your Own Spotlight

       It can be difficult to see someone in the exact spot you wish to be in. You may even find yourself in the role of a hater! Yes, you may not realize it but hating on someone else for having what you want is being a hater and it's quite unhealthy for your self-esteem. I believe it's a sickness. When you see someone doing what you want to be doing or attempting to do something you've already done, remember this. There is enough room for everyone at the top. The bottom is where it's way too crowded.  Work hard at what you do and you'll find happiness. Don't strive to be better than someone else. Strive to be your best and the rest will come. When you find yourself being a hater, stop it and start being a supporter. People will respect you more than if you go around talking negatively about others.There can be a million people doing what you do but they won't do it like you. Don't sweat it.There's a spotlight for everyone, find your own! Only you can shine the way you do. 

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