Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Hair, hair, and more hair!! TRESSES TUESDAY is all about hair on The BQC! It's the day of the BQC week that's strictly dedicated to the tresses of Brown Queens. Tresses Tuesday features tips on color, cuts, styles, hair-care, products, the occasional Queen talk about hair, and my own natural hair journey. We Brown Queens love our hair and here we can engage in never ending conversations about our hair. Whether you're relaxed, natural, or in transition, The BQC has it all. In other news, I've been seeing some gorgeous dread heads lately. Dreads can be beautiful. To be honest, I've contemplated growing them several times, I just can't stand that whole transitioning to dreads stage you go through to have dreads. Before I get to blabbering, here are some gorgeous pics of dreads that make me want to consider beginning to grow my own dreads.


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