Tuesday, June 5, 2012

TRESSES TUESDAY: Tools of the Trade

Brown Queens, if you are like me, the beauty supply store or beauty supply isle in a department store is a danger zone. No hair product or tool is safe. Today I'll share with you the must have products and tools to keep your crown as gorgeous as you are.


1. The blow dryer
It works great for both relaxed and natural hairstyles. The diffuser is ideally for naturals who want to dry their hair without disturbing their natural curls.

2. The curling iron
Hair curling wands like this one have become more popular lately. Big or small curls. Natural or relaxed. The curling iron helps to give you Beyonce' volume!

3. Combs and brushes
Choose the best comb and brush that works best for your hair type. Wide tooth combs nor rat tail combs work for my natural hair. Something in between usually works for me. I only use sharp tooth combs to part my hair if needed. I mostly use brushes. I use a hard bristle brush to detangle my hair and a padded brush to gather my hair. Those brushes seem to leave my hair in my head where I like it.

4. Flat irons
Chi flatirons are the queens of flatirons. I have yet to get my hand on my very own Chi but I have gotten the chance to use one. When I used the Chi, it worked marvelously. There are so many flatirons out there and Chi's are pretty expensive so I recommend finding a quality flatiron in your budget. Trust me; it's possible. Warning: Don't flatiron your hair too often. It can result in heat damage which is just way too hard to come back from.

5. Heat Protectant
I love this one the best. It leaves my hair super shiny and it smells great. Put this in your hair before putting any heat on your hair.

6. Moisturizer
Everyone needs moisturized hair especially natural girls! Our hair seems like it drinks up moisture as if it were dying of thirst. I bought this moisturizer the other day. I like the fact that it's a cream but the fragrance is so strong. I don't know how I feel about that yet. I put it in my hair right after I wash and condition. I feel it works better when my hair is wet. The product is light enough to wear daily, also.

7. Satin scarfs, wraps, and bonnets 
 You need to tie down your hair at night. These satin wraps etc. help to keep the moisture in your hair and not be sucked out by your cotton pillow cases and sheets. Tip don't want to look like a grandma at night? Try a satin scarf with a cute design or satin pillowcases, sheets, or both.

8. Shampoo and Conditioner
I tried his Creme of Nature product line earlier this year and I love it. The argon oil gives you extra shine and for the naturals, it's sulfate free. Sulfate free products allow your hair to retain it's natural oils which can make a huge difference for your natural curls. I haven't tried the conditioner but I'm sure it works just as well. A deep conditioning is a must for relaxed and natural hair.

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