Saturday, June 9, 2012

SERVICE SATURDAY: Support Small Businesses


       I'm sure someone you know is on their hustle and you should support them. If it's not a get rich quick scheme why not support those courageous enough to start a business? Supporting small and local businesses keeps the money in the community and helps it to flourish economically. I'm always up for supporting a Brown Queen or King on their hustle and putting their entrepreneurial foot forward. Believe in your dreams and I will believe in you. Sometimes all you have is a dollar and a dream and sometimes that's all you need. Support small businesses. If you have a product, talent, or service and need help getting the word out, advertise right here on The Throne! Email me at! All services(promo + ad) are Free of Charge for a limited time only. Hey, I'm trying to build an empire here! Thanks, Queens!

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