Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Relations Wednesday: Marriage, A Thing of The Past??


        Let's take a look into the future. Do you see yourself in a long committed relationship? Does that relationship include marriage and maybe children? Or could you do without the lawful ties? It seems nowadays that we are straying away from the idea of marriage and being in a lawfully binding relationship. Marriage has been getting a bad rep lately with the infidelities and the numerous public and private divorces. I think we have forgotten the benefits and the value of the holy union that is marriage. It's a lifetime commitment of companionship and partnership through life's ups and downs founded by the love between two people. That's how I see it anyway. The idea of marriage has also been tainted because there's becoming less to look forward to in a marriage. Premarital sex and living together before marriage a.k.a shacking up takes away from the excitement of marriage. If you can have the milk for free why buy the cow? I get that we're in the 21st century and we're evolving as a people but we should still save something for marriage. That helps build the anticipation of progress in the relationship. If most of us look at out grandparent's marriages or our parent's marriage we'll see that they have stood the test of time and are happy in it. Back in the day there was no shacking up until marriage and divorces were not so common. I know that many guys have concerns about marriages falling apart and the woman taking half of their entire life's earnings. That's a legitimate concern. I would just suggest taking more time before marriage to really find out if they would do something like that or if you would tempt her to. You can't marry a woman who's life goal is to be a house wife but get mad when you find out she's a golddigger. There's nothing better than being able to depend on someone who has your back and loves you unconditionally throughout it all. Let's get back to that. Real love and soulmates, yeah all that does exist. It's not just a fairy-tale. Yes it takes work to maintain a marriage but anything worth having is worth fighting for. What are your ideas about marriage?? Is marriage a thing of the past??

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