Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tresses Tuesday: Express yourself

      Brown Queens, we can express ourselves in many different ways. Although being different can be intimidating sometimes. Who cares! Being you is what makes you beautiful. Whether it's your style or your hairstyle, use your creativity to express yourself. You define who you are. If you're going to label me, be sure to check the box that says "Me and proud of it." I'm not as daring when it comes to my own hairstyles. I can say I'm getting better everyday at expressing myself with my hair. I'm enjoying the transformation. I think we should all consider ourselves valuable masterpieces and express ourselves accordingly. You are the canvas. Create. These Brown Queens below (including some friends of mine) are masters at creating looks that express them and define gorge. Work!

    Brown Queen, De'Erica, an amazing stylist and my girl! Check her blog out! It's dcouturetipsandtrends.blogspot.com !

 Brown Queen, Talibah Safiya, a recording artist, and one of my best friends! Check her music out! She's crazy good! talibahsafiya.bandcamp.com

You know Solange, a regular on The BQC. How amazing and versatile is she?


& you know me! There's something different going on with my head every week. I hope your creative juices are now flowing, Brown Queens.


  1. Reneice S. GlasperJune 19, 2012 at 10:38 PM

    I read a quote that said life isn't about finding yourself its about creating yourself. That's something I'm working on now. We as women, especially "us", try to fit a mold that others place on us. And then that light bulb goes off and we're screw what you think...I'm gonna cut all my hair off or I'm gonna throw on random colors and call in "fun" or I'm gonna listen to country instead of rap and r&b. Being the oddball is wonderful it means you stand out.

  2. So true Reneice! I'm a work in progress too!