Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tresses Tuesday: Color Your Crown

It is officially spring, Brown Queens! That means no more cold grey skies. As we say goodbye to the cold harsh weather, we also say good bye to dull hair colors from the winter. It's time for color. I have been thinking about getting my hair colored but I'm hesitating because I had a bad experience with a permanent hair color three years ago. My hair broke off at the crown of my head. That was enough to scare me away from coloring my hair for a while. Now I think I may want to try sprucing my new natural do up with some color.  I just haven't quite decided when I will color my hair or which hue suits be best. I know that it's best to choose hair colors that go well with the complexion of your skin. I'm slightly darker than a caramel tone with a red undertone. Here are some of the hair colors I am considering. I'm leaning toward a much lighter brown or a red/copper tone. Maybe I should just start with highlights. What do you think? What color are you coloring your crown this season?




  1. I think the color on the bottom left would look phenomenal on you! I too had problems with color during my relaxer days. I colored my hair about 2-3 weeks ago and my hair is still healthy thus far!! I'll keep you updated! -BQC #1 Fan LOL

  2. I'm thinking about trying that one and let me know how it's going for u, BQC #1 fan!! lol