Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Relations Wednesday: PSA to the BROWN KINGS

I understand there might be some confusion about The Brown Queens' Constitution and the attitude towards men that is being presented to viewers both men and women. I want to make things perfectly clear so there is no misunderstanding. The BQC is not a site made for man bashing. In fact, we Brown Queens love our Brown Kings. I sincerely encourage the participation of all males on all posts. I think it is critical that we hear the male perspective on all subjects discussed here on The BQC. I encourage males and all other ethnic groups to join the blog and offer their stance on all posts. We acknowledge that we are not the only ones living in this world. We coexist with so many others. It it my hope that all people are represented fairly on this blog. Please understand that to be pro- Brown Queens is not synonymous with being anti- anyone else especially our Brown Kings. I want to highlight those men who live up to being real men and are a positive contribution to society. The BQC appreciates you. Please do not hesitate to state your opinion if your feel you have been represented unfairly. As always, I thank you for reading this post. Please join, comment, and share.

P.S. I also added a special song to the playlist today just for you. :-)

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