Monday, November 19, 2012

MUSIC MONDAY: Comeback Season Pt. 2

The last comeback season post >HERE< featured some great artists who were in the studio making new music, "taking a break", or we just don't where they went. If they were going to break up with us, could we get an explanation? We can't cold turkey like that. Can we get a mixtape or something to wean us off? Anywho, I have some new(or not so new) artists who should definitely put out a mixtape or at least explanation. I know I'm not the only music addict who gets a little selfish with the music. They shouldn't have been so good. "It's not me. It's them." :)

**The BQC playlist includes Make it Hot x Nicole Wray ft. Missy Elliott, Call Me & Oh My x Tweet, They Don't Know live x Jon B, Thought you should know & I wish x Carl Thomas, & Love like this x Donell Jones**

Nicole Wray
worked with Missy Elliott. Man do I miss Missy and Timberland production from the 90's - 2000's

Same as Nicole Wray. Although she put out more than Nicole, we could use more.
She was so dope.

Jon B
He had a few hot singles but nothing stains our memory like that one song.
You know the on I'm talking about

Carl Thomas
Amazing voice
Another victim of Badboy perhaps?
Hope that wasn't the case

Donell Jones
Another great voice
He actually had a song out in the last couple of years
Pretty good too
It's on the playlist
Check it out

Posted by Na'Shun Wright, founder of The BQC

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