Tuesday, November 20, 2012

TRESSES TUESDAY:Straight Hair For Naturals

Sometimes naturals want a straight look (minus the relaxer of course). However we don't always know the healthiest way to achieve and maintain straightened hair. So here are some tips for straightening and maintaining straight hair.

1) Deep condition before straightening your hair
2) Straighten your hair using less heat as possible.
    a.) Use a heat protectant
    b.) If you're using flatirons, make sure it has titanium plates
3)Wrap your hair.
    a.) Tie with a satin scarf at night or roll with satin rollers and tie with a satin scarf

This is Jessica, dedicated viewer of The BQC. Her hair is natural.
She had her hair flat-ironed. She rolls every other night to keep her straight look. Rolling every other night helps her keep her body.

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