Friday, November 9, 2012

FASHION FRENZY FRIDAY: Color Block Challenge Cont'd

On the last FASHION FRENZY FRIDAY we asked that you send in pics of your best color blocked fits! Thanks to everyone that participated and sent in pics to! We really appreciated the support of the challenge. As promised, here are the Queen's that rocked the color block challenge.!! Happy FASHION FRENZY FRIDAY, Queens!

** If you want to send in your pics, it's not too late. We'll take pics of your color blocked fit until the next FASHION FRENZY FRIDAY! Send them to**

Hot stuff!


Cute fit, Erica! Love the shoes!

D'LeAnn and I

Dee's mom, Felicia
We can see exactly where D'LeAnn gets her great sense of style!
Her mom is fabulous.
I think it's safe to say... 
"She get it from her mama"

Great job, Queens!
- The BQC

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