Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Women do women want? Truth is women are just as physical as men. We pay just as much attention to physical appearance as men do. Every Queen has their own preference of physical features. Since we can't always tell what a guy's morals and values are by looking him, we kind of end up judging a book by it's cover. Women pay attention to good looks, height, style, and confidence. Today on RELATIONS WEDNESDAY we're going to discuss what we see when we first see a guy for the first time.  We would also like if some men participated in the discussion as well.
 There will be a live discussion hosted by @Soul_ambiSHUN, founder of The BQC, on twitter starting tonight at 7:15pm
Follow @DEE_LEANN, fashion blogger for The BQC 
@SuperHumanLovee, Advice columnist for The BQC

Here are some questions to start us off:
Queens, what do you notice first about a guy?
Kings, what do you notice first about a lady?
What do you think the opposite sex notices first?

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