Sunday, October 28, 2012

Soul Search Sunday: Proactive Minus the Acne

    If you're sitting around waiting on opportunity to knock on your door, you're wasting your valuable time. Don't wait for opportunities. Create them. If you are trying to get to a better situation whether it's a job, relationship, or what have you, what's the harm in speeding up the journey to your destination? Actively pursuing your goals is more effective than waiting until an opportunity comes up. It seems that some people are unapproachable and inaccessible but often times people are more willing to talk with you or help you obtain your goals than you would think. Your goals will always be unattainable if you never reach for them. That CEO, president, or administrator is only a person. We're all human. That's enough in common to communicate what you wish to gain from them. You'll never know if you don't try. Don't walk into your destiny; run. Who doesn't want a head start in the race to success and happiness? This type of proactive isn't bottled and sold. You don't need a prescription for it. It's an action that's done better soon than later.

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