Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Relations Wednesday: Would You Go Back?

    There are just some things that you should not tolerate in a relationship. Some offenses you just can't come back from. Where do you draw the line? What is that one thing someone can do to you that there is no coming back from? Cheating is probably the most common offense. Even though you're sick to your stomach, it seems that most of us go back or never leave. If it's a fully committed relationship  let's say marriage for example, maybe just maybe I could go back after the first time. The second time? No way. In the case of a relationship that's not as serious and on the rocks anyway? I'd have to say farewell to that situation and move on. Domestic violence is also a serious offense in romantic relationships and much too common these days. You want to say right away no, never, wouldn't do it, not in a million years would you go back but the fact is that's a decision that takes some serious thought. Would you walk away from all the time you've put into that relationship? Everything you and him have together? That's a bridge I'd have to cross if ever I got to it. At this point in my life as I am not involved in a committed relationship, no I would not stay or go back. This topic has spun from the recent Chris Brown & Rihanna debacle. It seems that Rih is going back. Although no one knows but those two and the people closest to them, it seems they are moving forward together. She's able to go back. Would you go back? That's an awful lot to come back from. What do you think?

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