Wednesday, October 24, 2012


   There is nothing like a Brown King. (Moment of silence for them) ... Done? Good. We, Brown Queens love our Brown Kings but should we be closed off to only dating inside of our own race? Absolutely not. It seems that more and more of our Brown Kings are more than open to expanding their dating options to other races. Why should we be exclusive to black men? If you have more in common with someone of a different race than someone from your own, why not date them and see how things work out? It's 2012. Some of us get a little hot under the collar when we see another black man with a Kim Kardashian-ish chick. If you're having no luck finding your (Insert black man's name here) or black men are just not your type, there are more options out there. Maybe there's a Ken Kardashian that's just what cupid ordered. Date outside your racial box. Which brother from another mother would you crown King in your Queendom? Answer the poll question to the upper right of this post.


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