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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tresses Tuesday: Chopper Style- The Big Chop

I get questions all the time about my natural hair and my decision to go natural two years ago. This week I have gotten more than usual. One question that many Brown Queens have asked is "how did I transition?". Well I definitely was not brave enough for "The Big Chop" or a really low cut rather. I actually transitioned for a one year and a half and cut my hair a little as I went along. This allowed me to stay close to my relaxed length as I transitioned. I did all sort of styles that fused the relaxed hair with the new relaxer free hair. I was very careful to not use too much heat or wear styles that would stress my hair and cause breakage where the new growth and relaxed hair met. This particular point of your hair strands is very weak and prone to breakage. Although I did not do "The Big Chop", I've seen some Brown Queens that have rocked the low hair cut very well. One is a friend of mine who just recently cut her hair and looks gorgeous. You go Queens!

This photo of Solange is stunning!!!

Chrisette Michele rocks her BC!!

This is my friend Er'nyce who recently did "The Big Chop" Doesn't this Brown Queen's hair look gorgeous??

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