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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Relations Wednesday: Change In The Name Of Love

Change is good but too much changing is just... not you. If you need so much work on yourself (physically or mentally) then getting into a relationship is not the best idea. Who doesn't want to be the best version of themselves? There is nothing wrong with wanting to change for the better but who you are doing it for makes all the difference. Changing to be a better version of you is o.k. Changing to be a duplicate of someone else is not o.k. We've been hearing about the whole situation with Kobe and his wife. It's been said that his wife, Vanessa, has had plastic surgery to keep her husband interested. Their situation has just gone too far. If you want to keep him interested, work out. She was beautiful before. If he loses interest then he needs to find it again. How many cosmetic surgeries has he had? Right. As women, we do a lot to enhance our appearance i.e. make-up, weaves, the wonder bra. It is extremely important to realize why we do these things. These should only be to enhance what we already have. They should not make you nor should they break you. Deal with the real, raw, unchanged you first and love it for what it is. If you're making extreme non- health-related changes to your body for the sake of love, ask yourself "Is it really love??" By the way I love Kobe as a basketball player. This post in no way detests his skills as a pro-athlete.

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