Thursday, March 28, 2013


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Katrina, 19, Memphis, Tn  writes,

"Sometimes I get really stressed and I just want to give up, but I try my best to never let the obstacles affect me. It's really hard not to be upset about a lot of things. What are some ways to handle my stress?"

                                                                     -Dear Katrina,

Stress affects us in a lot of ways in our everyday lives. Whether it be big or small, it all seems like a big deal and impacts us greatly. Sometimes when we are stressed out we don't appreciate the things that we have in our lives.  A lot of time is spent stressing over what we don't have and not enough time spent appreciating what God has already given them. When you are stressed and can't actually solve your problem sometimes you must simply let it go. It's only in the state of pure tranquility when you can access your full potential and your ability to reason. When you are stressed, try doing something that relaxes you to the point where you can think clearly and not let your problems overwhelm you. You can also try talking with a friend or mentor, or a person who has been through similar life experiences. Once you learn to control your stress level; utilize it. Know that stress can be a positive force and just the push you need to solve any problem that you may face. Once you come to this realization, you will gain a self confidence that no obstacle is too great for you to overcome.

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