Sunday, March 3, 2013

Soul Search Sunday: Am I My Sister's Keeper?

    Building lasting bonds matters a lot subconsciously. To be able to let go of all fears and completely trust someone, is a liberating feeling. Most of us have at one point in time had a best friend. She probably walked to school with you, you hung out everyday and she always had your back. Maybe she no longer is your best friend anymore. Maybe you have a new one now. In life we meet certain people who catch our eye, bring us out of our element, or help us to find our element. It may seem like a friendship wont last forever but they can. Friends are gained and lost based on the circumstances in our lives. The breaking of a friendship may not even necessarily be intentional. Some people find a friend who is like a sister or brother to them and this friendship is very important. I cant remember what verse, but in the bible it states that a friend can stick closer than a brother. What does this mean? Some people don't have great bonds with their brothers or sisters, while others have none. This means that there is a chance that you may find a non-related person that you will be extremely close with. In any relationship you have to understand each other's boundaries, so you won't cross them. You need to know almost everything about this person so that you will feel comfortable to tell them personal things about you. Most importantly you must be able to have each other's back and enjoy each other's company. To me, a best friend is a blessing. If you have a great one, don't lose her. Try your best to keep the relationship and bond strong. So I ask, are YOU YOUR Sister's Keeper?

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Posted by Magan Carter

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