Wednesday, March 27, 2013


    Someone please call "911". Chivalry is dead. Time of death? The present. Okay so I went a little overboard with the "911" call but I think we could potentially file a missing person's report for Chivalry. It seems to be missing from the list of qualities of so many men. Chivalry covers a lot more than opening doors for women and paying for dinners. Chivalry is about respect, courtesy, and being a gentleman. That's quite a chunk out of the composition of a man to do without. In my opinion, it's a necessary quality of a good man. We've evolved so much that women can open doors for themselves. However, we've always had that ability; opening doors. Chivalry for women is about being able to open your own doors but allowing a gentleman do it for you. A gentleman wants to show his respect and show some good old fashion manners. "Manners" Yeah, how often do you see those? So... where has chivalry gone? It's tucked away deep inside latent parts of the brains of men who are courting women that don't require them to use such gentlemen like characteristics. Chivalry is also becoming extinct due to women who forget to notice the deeds of gentlemen. How often are we forgetting to allow men to be chivalrous then reminded by the kind feeling you get when a gentlemen actually opens a door for you?  One day last week, I was walking in the rain because I'd forgotten my umbrella at home. The sweetest guy offered his umbrella to me. That is testament that chivalry is not dead, it may be within the capabilities of an endangered species called a gentleman, but it's indeed not dead.

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