Sunday, April 29, 2012

Soul Search Sunday: Pursuit of Happiness

      I expect so much out of life. One thing I expect is to be happy. But I have realized that happiness is not a destination it is more of a state of mind. It's a state of mind to be carried with you as you take life's journey. Happiness is not where I am hoping to get but I what I want to have within me wherever I go. Attempting to look for happiness is like looking for something in the daytime with a flashlight. You don't need any material things to find it. It starts with you and it reflects on to everything you do. If you are going through life looking for happiness in other places you just might miss it. There's no better place to look than within yourself. Happiness is a state of mind and minds change. The idea is to be content with life as it is and everything else will be icing on the cake. I'm on this journey to being the best me possible. The greater I am at living, laughing, and learning the more happiness I gain and the less time I spend trying to find it.



  1. This is very inspiring and exactly what I needed to read! Thank you so much! I know that I need to be the best me. Start living, laughing more, smiling, and embracing the positive though the rough times. This is my journey for the summer.

  2. We all need to join this journey, Justin. So glad I could inspire you!!