Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tresses Tuesday: Short Hair Don't Care

       It's spring and as the weather gets warmer many Brown Queens are rocking fierce short do's. Newly liberated natural queens rock low cut big chop fro's or defined curls. And relaxed queens style their silky short cuts and bobs. When I first did my big chop my hair wasn't extremely short but it was very manageable. Many days I would define my short curls and go on about my day. Short hair means less hair to manage. Although your tresses are not long, Brown Queens your hair should not be neglected. Continue to maintain your hair as you would with longer hair and your sassy strands will look hot through the warmer months. If long hair don't care then short hair means no worries. If you're rocking short hair send your flyest pic of your sassy short hair to the thebqc@yahoo.com to be included on this post or copy and paste it in the comment box below.

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